About Pattern Analyzer

The X-Wing community has already built some amazing tools to study and analyze tournament data. Examples of these are sites like MetaWing, PBM, and Advanced Targeting Computer.

These are great tools for gaining deep insight into a tournament after it has finished, but they require the data to be exported from the tournament page and uploaded to Listfortress. However, with the sunsetting of TTO and the switch to Longshanks, there is currently no way to export the tournament data from Longshanks. This means a chunk of the tournament data is missing from Listfortress.

Pattern Analyzer tries to fill this gap by obtaining data directly from Longshanks (and other vendors) and allowing people to discover what squads are played and gain some additional insights into an X-Wing tournament while it is still in progress. And since Pattern Analyzer acquires all this data anyway, it can also provide an export for Listforstress, so that it stays up to date and other tools like MetaWing and PBM have information to consume.

About the Data

What is the “unknown” faction?

Some squad lists may have been entered in a format that can not be analyzed by Pattern Analyzer and will be not considered in most of the statistics. In other cases they will show up as “unknown” or “???” to indicate how much of the information could be used to generate the statistic.


Below you will find explanations of some commonly used terms:



Pattern Analyzer is and will remain free. I don't have a Patreon, but if you're keen on supporting the project, you can treat me to a coffee or contribute to expanding my collection of plastic spaceships here.